About Us

Optimize Education Abroad (OEA) offers advisory services to students and the education sector involved in seeking third level education abroad. OEA has worked in India and other countries with students, education consultants, and institutions helping to define the student’s pathway.

OEA offers advice to students 1-1, 2-1 with an Educational consultant, or speaking to educational consultants to add to their knowledge base (all through video link).

OEA advisory services are available to all Educational consultancy companies in India, UAE and elsewhere. OEA refers student’s for processing to those agencies we work with. 

Established in 2015 as a registered business in Ireland, OEA is based in the EU’s only English speaking country. 

Founder and CEO

Founded by David Fallon, OEA has been assisting those traveling abroad to further their studies by working with students, partnering with education consultants and institutions in Ireland, India, and UAE. 

David Fallon is experienced working with education consultants, institutions, and students to advise on the benefits of studying abroad. This comes from working in Europe, India, and South Asia in the education sector over the past number of years and knowledge of his home country, Ireland.

As a former international journalist, radio and TV presenter, he has met numerous educationists and students as part of his work and many influential people such as President Nelson Mandela and President Bill Clinton.

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